Registration to the Annual General Meeting of Nightingale Health Plc

Meeting date and time 16 November 2023 at 3:00 p.m. (EET)

The reception of shareholders who have registered for the meeting and the distribution of voting tickets will commence at 10.30 am EET.

The General Meeting will be held as a remote meeting in accordance with Chapter 5, Section 16, Subsection 3 of the Finnish Companies Act, in which shareholders fully exercise their decision-making powers by the use of telecommunications and technical means during the Meeting in real time. The remote meeting does not have a physical meeting venue which shareholders or their proxy representatives could attend in person.

Shareholders may participate in the General Meeting also by voting in advance. Voting in advance is possible after the registration. Voting in advance is not mandatory.

Registration is closed.

More detailed information about the remote meeting system, shareholders' right to participate and the use of a proxy can be found in the Notice to the General Meeting available on the company's website.

Read more about the processing of your personal data in Nightingale Health Plc’s Privacy Notice.